Below you can find a high resolution sample of one of my panoramic works.

Please click on the image below to see a large watermarked sample preview.

(Please note that this preview image is still only 60% size of the original file. To appreciate the quality please only preview on a computer)

All my works are created using a full frame Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras and lenses by Canon

This exceptional equipment allows me to capture images amazingly sharp and full of vivid colors.

Most of my works are combined from more than 25 single vertical frames (currently working on developing multi row composites - from more than 100 images !). Using exposition bracketing allows me to achieve high dynamic light and colour ranges of the final images, which are then combined into a final seamless panoramic format works of photo art.

The final high resolution images are then printed on Canon Large Format Digital Printers using 12 pigment inks systems. Fiber-based Baryt archival photo papers by Top Quality Fine-Art Paper German Manufacturer TECCO are used in the printing process. This assures very sharp, vibrant in color and long lasting Archival Prints.

Collaboration of the highest quality - solvent free papers - and pigment ink technology guarantees that prints stay "unaltered" for many years.

Please find references to the quality equipment, processes and materials I use in the creation and development process: